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  • a new paradigm

    for the urban college lifestyle.

    You long for a refuge after your night out with friends on Austin’s famous 6th Street, after your day of higher education at the University of Texas. Find harmony at the Venue Student Apartments.

  • a new perspective

    always clears your way.

    Get a better view of Austin and your psyche when you live at the Venue. Take control of your college experience at UT Austin. Own it and make it memorable.

  • a new attitude

    comes with the territory.

    The force of your confidence combined with the movement of Austin culture is a powerful revelation. The Venue’s urban structure and confident lines will reinforce and harness your potential.

  • a new companion

    is always welcome.

    Make a friend. Bring a friend. You desire an urban oasis that extends the greatest of courtesy to you plus one. The Venue is proudly pet friendly.

  • a new freedom

    to live within your own limits.

    Go solo or go duo – whatever comes naturally. And with a wide variety of one and two bedroom apartments to choose from, all options are on the table at the Venue Student Apartments.

  • a new adventure

    is your status quo.

    You take all your cues from your own inspiration because you know not only how to live but where. You know the Venue is the beginning of a new collegiate adventure in Austin, and you’re ready to begin.

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  • Leslie A Mudd
  • Anjali Ahuja
  • Bailey Silveria
  • Jayson D. Baldridge
  • Hilary Pearson
  • Jodie Garman
  • Cole Bekarian
  • MandyLou DiYenno
  • Tina Griego
  • Alyssa Swank
  • Amber Rose McLaren
  • Vanessa Mota
  • Marilynn Bradd
  • Amir Sohail Rana
  • Jackie Linn
  • Angela Reyes
  • Elaina Dawn Woods
  • Adam Rincon
  • Remigio Vitale
  • Alfredo Ramos
  • Ruthie Hernandez
  • John Ly
  • Rachel Goldstein
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  • Carly Hagood
  • Amelia Tobias
  • Anne White
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  • Lejuana Coleman
  • Kate Nabinger
  • Roman C. Rodriguez
  • Keri Lynne Porter
  • Melissa Wisdom Robbins
  • Jeanette Hay
  • Gustavo Medina Garcia
  • John Christian Solis
  • Angie Murphy
  • Stephanie A. Cook
  • Sasha Appel
  • Ashley Cook
  • Joshua Purkeypile
  • Piper Victoria
  • Amber Tucker
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  • Ikram Kouki Amri
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